The inheritable traits that we collect through our lines of ancestry enable us to share DNA from past to present. You might see your grandfather's smile in your son or share your Aunt's flair for creativity.

'Portrait' explores the world of hereditary DNA and how the make-up of who we are is, in part, based on our family members before us. Each design in this collection represents varying combinations of DNA sequences. Our DNA has its own language whereby each molecule is made up of 4 types of bases (G, T, A, C) that forms into various sequential patterns. Similarly, the base design for the 'Portrait' pieces includes a pattern of 4 pointed diamond shapes symbolising the GTAC bases. From this model, a range of design elements can be added to paint a variety of portraits - much like a family!

The products in this collection are just some examples of the many possible Portrait variations. Contact us to discuss design options and create your own Portrait ring according to your own specifications.